T5 Non Corrosive Light Fittings. 240V. 28w. 35w. 49w. 54w.

• 240v, Prismatic diffuser. • Emergency 3hr available. • High impact resistant ABS. • H.F ballast included. • Polycarbonate / clear diffuser.

T5 Non Corrosive Light Fittings. 240V. 28w. 35w. 49w. 54w.

T5 NON CORROSIVE 240v Dimensions

T5 Non-Corrosive – 240v Light Fittings

The Regulux range of T5 Non-Corrosive light fittings are energy efficient, a more compact unit to the popular T8 fittings. These high specification non-corrosive fittings offer high ingress protection from moisture, dust, corrosion and vandalism. A high frequency ballast and a quick release gear tray are included. These luminaires are low maintenance and are ideal for the most demanding environments.


  • Voltage: 240V AC 50Hz
  • Wattage: 1x28w, 2x28w,1x35w, 2x35w, 1x49w, 2x49w, 1x54w, 2x54w
  • Lamp: T5(not included)
  • Ballast: High Frequency
  • Material: High Impact-Resistant ABS Body with clear diffuser supplied with grey base
  • Emergency: Optional 3 Hour Emergency function
  • IP: IP65
  • Extras: 2-piece lockout diffuser clips supplied as standard
  • Quick Release Gear Tray

Product Codes:

Product Code Description Length Width Height PDF
NCT5-28: 1x28w 1200 100 80 Download PDF
NCT52-28: 2x28w 1200 100 80
NCT5-35: 1x35w 1500 100 80
NCT52-35: 2x35w 1500 100 80
NCT5-49: 1x49w 1500 100 80
NCT52-49: 2x49w 1500 100 80
NCT5-54: 1x54w 1200 100 80
NCT52-54: 2x54w 1200 100 80

* append product code with “+E” for Emergency to include 3hr emergency gear


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